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LETsRun Coaching

Programming and coaching for individuals and groups of all levels

UKA CiRF Running Coach

LETsRun programmes

6 week running programme - £35

  • Video consultation (30mins)

  • 6 week running programme

  • S&C and technique drills

  • Email support

6 week follow-up consultation - £25

  • Video consultation (30mins)

  • 6 running programme

  • Modified to suit client progress

  • Email support

8 week running coach support - £50

Includes weekly check-in via email or 15min video consultation. Weekly programming provided.

LETsRun 1-to-1

Individual coaching sessions

60 mins £45

30 mins £30

Not available until further notice

  • Bespoke one to one running sessions

  • Sessions to support independent training or LETsRun programmes

  • As required by the client

  • Advice, support, motivation.

  • Technique assessments and programme adjustments

LETsRun with friends

Bespoke coaching and 

programming for groups

Video/email until further notice.


  • Suitable for groups training for a specific event or those with a similar goal (e.g. run a first marathon).

  • Would suit sports clubs who wish to use running to support their usual training.

  • [Daytime sessions available for work colleagues. Willing to meet at your place of work in Lincoln/surrounding area. Not available until further notice.]

  • Email support throughout

No obligation quote on request

LETsRun Beginners

8 week programme - £40

Next start date


  • Suitable for those new/returning to running.

  • Includes one coached session per week

  • Limited to 8 participants.

  • 2 x additional sessions each week.

  • Coach support via email/closed chat groups outside of session times.

LETsRun Club Ready

6 week programme - £35

Next start date 


  • Suitable for those who have completed the LETsRun beginners programme and/or can run for more than 20 minutes.

  • Suitable progression from couch to 5k or other beginners' running programme.

  • Limited to 8 participants

  • Includes email/chat group support

  • 1 coached session plus 2 additional sessions each week.

LETsRun 10k +

8 week programme - £40

Individual session - £6

Next Start Date


  • For runners working towards completing10k or increasing10k pace

  • Suitable for those who can complete parkrun/5k in around 35 minutes or run continuously for 5 miles or more.

  • Full programme includes email/chat group support,1 coached session plus 2 additional sessions each week.

  • Option to sign up for individual run sessions (£4 each).

"I really enjoyed the course. It was a great way to get back into running and to put some structure into my training. I’d never run in a group before, but it’s been a real enjoyment, the help and support has encouraged me to keep going and push myself. Having a course leader with a great knowledge and understanding of running has helped me have a better understanding on how to train, to progress/improve, how to warm up, cool down and deal with injury. Overall it’s been a great experience."

Runner, LETsRun Beginners 2019

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